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The Healing herb candles are manufactured with mindful care in a small manufactory in the Allgäu Alps, in southern Germany. Only premium plant-based fair-trade stearin, natural essential oils and either organic grown healing herbs or herbs collected in wilderness are being used. The processing is in alignment with well founded traditional knowledge of healing. At the material level as well as at the more subtle level, the processing is well attuned to the theme of each candle. You can find more information about each candle in the description of each article.

Rituals are important for us humans, they give us support and strength. Through rituals we can consciously create and mark transitions in life. If you wish you can use the Healing herb candle for your personal ritual, take your time and create your own holy space.

Light a candle and focus your pure and loving thoughts on the condition desired. May it be fulfilled for everyone!

Does the Allgäu healing herb candle scent?
The candles are not scenting candles in the usual sense. There are natural essential oils in all candles which give each candle an interesting aroma, a fine scent not increasing by lightning the candle. According to our experience common scenting candles, based on synthetic substances, develop their scent by lighting them. The Healing herb candle is a pure natural product.

How does the Allgäu healing herb candle work?
The way it acts is similar to a fine smudging. Through the transformation of the fire the information and vibration of excerpts, essential oils, essences and tinctures is released, supporting our own spiritual intentions and mental aims.

The relation between wick and candle is balanced to burn leaving a filigree brim. This is intentional to give the Healing herb candle its playful light. Not to break the brim it is sometimes necessary to use long matches. Occasionally the grid shaped brim collapses – this is not a quality defect.

Never leave a burning candle unsupervised and always use a saucer! Whenever needed shorten the wick to a length of 5mm!
Before using the candle the 1st time, please remove the paper sleeve! The candle will burn for up to 40 hours (in a draft free environment)


Praised be My Lord - Through our Sister - Mother Earth - who nourishes us - and carries
us - and provides us with multifarious fruits and flowers and herbs…
(Excerpt from “Song to the Sun” St. Franz of Assisi A.D. 1224)